Dryshod Wearability

Made for life in Canada

Wearability means a better fit and a more comfortable wearing experience

Flexible, state-of-the-art materials allow for athletic-shoe sizing for a fit you just can’t find in any other
rubber boot

Wearability means superior warmth when it’s cold without added bulk

Exclusive Densoprene neoprene is a drysuit material known for lightweight maneuverability and
insulation without bulk

Wearability means 100% waterproof top to bottom and no soggy, heavy neoprene

Hydrokote water repellent coating eliminates soaked or iced-up neoprene and rotting due to farm chemicals



Legend Camp Shoe

When you don’t need a tall boot, but still need protection, the Legend Camp Shoe is ideal. It’s like stepping into your favourite slippers.

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Dryshod makes an entire line of rubber boots that not only keep your feet clean and dry, but also offer dramatically improved support, stability and comfort. With Dryshod, you get utility with wearability. Dryshod is the world’s most wearable rubber boot!

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Nick Groves

Nick Groves

Fly Fishing Guide

Never before have I used a pair of boots that actually keep my feet dry. Thank you Dryshod for finally making a boot that I can rely on!

Emily Drinkwater

Emily Drinkwater

Kindergarden Teacher

Having a pair of boots that I can use during duty and be able to feel my feet after an hour is a must! While it might not protect me from the kids colds, it does protect me from the winter cold!

Jarrod Tryon

Jarrod Tryon

Hunter & Hiker

Finally a pair of boots that does it all; fish, hike, hunt and spend time outside!

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Dryshod was developed to bring great waterproof footwear to hardworking farmers, hunters, gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. With the ultimate goal of becoming the #1 brand in waterproof footwear, the team’s complete focus and commitment Read more…